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We offer expert advice and guidance along with the ease and convenience of learning online for everyone who is looking to take the next step in improving their English and mastering the language.

The Advantages of Learning English Online: 綫上學習英文的好處

Everyone learns at different rates and in different ways, at enjoyenglishonline you can choose how fast or slow you want to go, what level you want to reach and what kind of English you want to learn, from basic conversational English to academic writing skills.

Convenience and flexibilty - Students can access their classes at anytime from anywhere. This means that parents, those who are currently studying full time, and professionals on the move have the option of attending classes which suit their work schedule. Online classes are great for individuals who have a demanding work schedule and family responsibilities.
方便和彈性 - 學員可以在任何時間、地點上課。這也表示說父母、全職學生或社會人士都可以根據他們的理想時間上課。 綫上課程對一個兼顧工作與家庭的人來説,最爲合適。Convenient and flexible - students can attend classes at any time and place. It also means that parents, full-time students or the community can be based on their ideal time to class. Online courses are the most appropriate for a person who takes care of work and family.

Online Courses

Our structured and professionally written courses make it easy for students of all levels to achieve their goals in English language learning.

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Test Preparation and Guided learning

We can show you how to effectively face that big test and get great results. And if you need individual help we can assist with focused one-to-one tuition and private lessons that will boost your confidence and learning skills.

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Editing and Rewriting

For people who need specialized help with professional or academic written English we provide all your answers in one easy and convenient location.

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Cost effective - Online classes are more cost effective because they do not require commuting, allowing you to save on gas and the wear and tear of your vehicle, and babysitting costs. You will save on expensive textbooks. All notes are provided by the teacher, unless otherwise requested. This will save you time and money, adding value to your life!
符合經濟效益- 綫上課程讓學員省下交通費,減低車子的磨損,還有保姆費。 你也可以省略昂貴的教材費,除非老師特別要求,否則課程以講義為教學内容。我們的綫上課程讓你省時又省錢,讓你的生活更加充實。In line with the economic benefits - online courses for students to save transportation costs, reduce the car wear, there are nanny fees. You can also omit the expensive cost of teaching materials, unless the teacher in particular, otherwise the course to teach for the teaching content. Our online courses keep you time and money and make your life more fulfilling.

Individual Classes

Tailored one on one interaction - It is less intimidating than the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom setting, and helps increase student interaction. Students can also think longer about what they want to say and add their comments when they are ready. Teachers are more approachable in the online setting. Students may feel more comfortable talking openly with their teachers through online chats and emails, rather than face-to-face. Many online environments have 4-6 clients in the virtual classroom, and so in effect each client has 7 minutes maximum talk time, which seems hardly worthwhile when paying top dollar.
客製化一對一教學 - 綫上課程相較傳統的上課模式,促使學員有更多跟老師互動的機會。學員可以輕鬆無壓力地利用上課時間慢慢思考想要表達的意思,並且隨時可以加入自己的看法。綫上課程也拉近老師與學員的距離,學員可以開放地透過電腦跟另一端的老師敞開交談。Customized one-on-one teaching - online courses compared to the traditional school model, to enable students to have more opportunities to interact with the teacher. Students can easily and effortlessly use class time to slowly think about what they want to express, and at any time to join their own views. The online course also narrows the distance between the teacher and the student, and the student can open the conversation with the teacher at the other end.